Upcoming Firearms Classes at D-Bay

•On Saturday, Feb. 25 Catamount Consulting will conduct a Utah Concealed Firearm License class. Click: 2.23.17 Fish & Game Club

•On Saturday March 18 Tom Harig will be teaching the Utah Concealed Firearm License class.  If you have a New York State pistol permit, the Utah license will allow you to carry your firearm in 30+ additional states through reciprocity agreements.  The Utah license is great for travelers and out-of-state sportsmen.  The class includes fingerprinting and photos necessary for the Utah license application. Click: March 18 2017

•On Saturday March 25 Tom will offer a Basic Pistol Safety and Training Class.  This course gives pistol permit holders a great training on principles of handgun safety and provides an opportunity to learn and practice handgun shooting mechanics in an all-day session on the range.  The class meets the training requirements for Florida, Maine, Virginia, and Arizona firearm licenses, among others. Click: March 25 2017

For the March 18 & 25 classes contact Tom Harig at 518 -222-7393, or email: tjh.tactical.training@gmail.com

A Note about 2017 Renewals

Dunham Renewal Notice Update

I’m sorry but the renewal applications haven’t been mailed out yet.  I hope to get them out soon with any luck by months end.

Because of my tardiness, your pass key will remain active through the month of February 17.

IMPORTANT: In with the renewal mailings, there will be a Newsletter that will be explaining that ALL Members will be required to attend a 2nd Safety Orientation (different from the original orientation) that will be most likely be offered on numerous nights during the month of February.

If your unable to attend the 2nd Safety Orientation Nights, It will be offered the Second Saturday of every month at 8:30am.

Attendance to this additional Orientation will be mandatory for all to get get their gate pass key re-activated for 2017.

Don’t forget that Current membership in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association OR Current membership in the NRA is a requirement of all new and renewing members of the Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club for 2017. There is a great offer on NRA Life Memberships below, be sure to check it out!

Happy New Year and we’ll see you on the Range! 

Sean Garvey

NRA Life Memberships Only $600 – Limited Time

Right now, the National Rifle Association is offering an incredible discount on lifetime memberships. For a limited time, the memberships are down to only $600. This is a drop of $900!

For this fantastic deal click here: https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?campaignid=XF030811

Stand Strong for Freedom & Stand Up for the Second Amendment!


Gun shows – and YOUR Constitutional right to keep and bear arms – are under attack! ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS want to DRIVE AWAY gun shows from across the Capital Region and DENY you your Second Amendment rights.

Add your name to SENATOR KATHY MARCHIONE’S petition to let ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS know that you support the NEACA Arms Fair REMAINING at the Saratoga Springs City Center – and that you also want to KEEP gun shows in our Capital Region!

There are currently only 439 signatures we should have THOUSANDS.  Let’s help her out and save the gun show.

By signing the petition you are saying YES, I want to keep the NEACA Arms Fair to remain at the Saratoga Springs City Center! I also want to keep gun shows in our Capital Region. Gun shows are safe, contribute to our economy and help citizens exercise their Constitutional rights!

Please also try to stop by the show this weekend to show your support.

Please click here to fill out Kathy’s petition and share with others! 

Link to Dave Petronis Statement

Gun Show (Aug. 20-21, 2016) Flyer