Shooting Simulator Coming Soon!

The new Shooting Disciplines committee recently enjoyed a trial run of the new shooting simulator. Installation will be completed soon and then committee members will be trained on how to run the simulator. An open house is being discussed as are evening leagues, and more. Stay tuned! 

2019 4-H Shooting Sports Events at DBF&G

Please note the following dates in 2019 when Dunhams Bay Fish & Game Club welcomes 4-H Shooting Sports to our facility. Please encourage local youth to participate. Contact John Bowe:

Sunday, June 16th – Shotgun Program—1PM – 5PM @ Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club. Must be at least 12 years of age and completed basic rifle. Continue to improve 3-position skills. Work on improving groups, trigger squeeze, breathing, and scoring targets. Fee is $5 for 4-H members, $15 for non-members who enroll for the class.

Saturday & Sunday, September 14th & 15th – Sportsman Education Super Weekend. Location TBD.   Hunter Safety, Bowhunter Safety, and Trapping are all taught during this weekend.  You may enroll in one class each day to complete a total of two licenses over the weekend.  All classes require homework to be completed prior to class.  Registration usually opens July 21 or August 1 and must be completed on the DEC online registration system.  No fee for materials or class.

Sunday, November 3rd Basic Archery—1-5pm @ Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club—MUST be an enrolled 4-H member and must be 8 years of age or older. Participants will learn basic stance, parts of a bow, and the 11 steps to the ten ring. Fee is $5 for 4-H members, $15 for non-members who enroll for the class.

NOTE: Dates and locations are subject to change due to weather or scheduling

Archery News

Tuesday night is archery night at Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club.

Both the indoor and outdoor ranges have been redesigned. Enjoy, and shoot safely!

Check out our re-designed archery range and Rinehart 3D targets